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18 Adventures are Coral Reef Aware


Downbelow recently hosted a group of 18 adventurers from Denmark for a variety of open water, advanced open water and underwater photography courses.

As part of our committment to the environment, all our group activities include a environmental awareness program.

For the Danish adventurers, seeing as they were learning to explore the underwater world, Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation were chosen for them.

The course introduced them to corals and reef systems and their importance.

Dangers to the continued existance, as well as actions they can take to preserve corals for future generations were also discussed, such as supporting Porject AWARE's good work.

And after the course presentation, what better way to put into action newly acquired coral reef information than with a dive?

The group, along with Downbelow's PADI Course Director Richard Swann and other instructors, set out for nearby reefs in Kota Kinabalu's TAR Park to put their knowledge to good use.

The aim for the dive was simply to enjoy the corals and apply their newfound knowledge.

Check out the images from the Danish group adventures with Coral Reef Conservation.

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