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Shark Petition Gains 40 More Signatures


Downbelow is hosting a group of 40 environmentally aware students form the University of Glamorgan for the next few weeks.

In line with our Marine Conservation committment, there is an environmental component  in all our group programs and this group is no different.

Resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann wasted no time in bringing the group up to speed with the latest on sharks.

The 40 students, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as part of a Tropical Ecology module they are partaking in for their course, were more than happy to add their voices to those already shouting for sharks.

In the fight against shark extinction every signature makes a difference and Downbelow is happy to help add another 40 for the cause.

Have you made a stand for sharks? Sign the petition and let's shout in a voice so loud it can't be ignored.

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#Divers4Makos - Sign the Petition
Help end uncontrolled mako shark fishing now.  Add your name and sign the petition today.

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