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Curious garfish school together in the crystal clear waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park!


There is a very shocking statistic on the health of our seas and oceans. In Malaysian waters, the threat of overfishing will eradicate fish species in about 35 years!

A major source of protein is at risk of completely disappearing in a few decades, and not only that, the aquaculture industry will cease because it isn’t possible to supply to the demand when there is no product – no fish in other words!

As a passionate conservation-oriented educational centre, we regularly organise events to raise public awareness through the education of marine life and their underwater world.

Noting the rapidly declining population of fish in our tropical seas, we started a coral planting project that gives the degrading, but existing, coral reef a chance to regenerate naturally with. We know the health of coral directly affects the health of fish, so as a means to conserve we started our project and we do see a difference, however there are many sources of threats and each threat must be dealt with.

We invite any marine enthusiast to spare their time and offer their efforts whenever possible! Our conservation events are a day of fun to aid the main purpose, which is to educate!

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