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Spreading the message of conservation to our trainees


All of us at Downbelow are passionate about conservation and protecting the fragile wildlife at the marine park where we are based.  Being a high standard dive education centre, our objective is not only to produce a high quality professional diver but also a diver with a sense of responsibility to take care of the ocean.

This is why we make it a point to encourage all our Go Pro trainees and PADI IDC candidates to get involved in our conservation work such as the net removal activity.

During the last illegal net removal activity, one of our local trainees who is under Downbelow's "Work for a Career" internship program was given the task of giving the dive briefing to everyone involved before they started removing the underwater threat.

While he is practising to apply what he has learned, we are also hoping that one day when is already working as a professional diver it will be second nature to him to get involved in conservation work espcially removing illegally dumped nets in the ocean.

Spreading the message of conservation is not limited to him though as we hope all of our trainees and candidates will be able to understand the importance of it and spread it too!

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