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A Rescued Shark Smiles with his Hero


Ghostnet removals from the waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Borneo usually requires repeat dives and multiple transfers to safely remove the nets. 

During our last net removal the last piece of net was so heavy we needed to pull it up using many volunteers. So we cut it free from the reef below and started pulling. As we pulled brought up, we found many creatures tangled but still alive in the net. Fortunately we managed to release all of them safely including rays, fish, crabs and this wonderful Bamboo shark and we took a photo just before Richard was about to release it to its home.

The photo shows both the shark and Richard smiling! So we are not sure who is happier, the shark or Richard!

On the boat witnessing the whole conservation rescue act were our PADI Advanced Open Water students who also completed the Coral Reef Conservation with Downbelow. This gave them a perfect opportunity to see our conservation efforts in action!

Moments like these are truly memorable, especially the rescued shark and his hero Richard!

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