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Getting Others to be Passionate about the Environment


Downbelow is passionate about conservation and make it a point to inform and educate other divers that we interact with the importance of taking care of the environment.

One of the most powerful ways to educate others however is to let them see the brutal truth of how reckless and ignorant human behaviour can affect the environment.

This is why Downbelow Managing Director and PADI Platinum Course Director Richard Swann always encourages our interns and students to be involved in removing illegal fishing nets along with other conservation projects so that they gain first hand experience.

Even more importantly they can play their part in helping to make it better.

Picture above shows Richard with his PADI Divemaster students Suzy and Morin, this is their third fishing net removal from the protected area of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Borneo in a month.

It is hoped that from their participation they feel proud by giving something back to nature and develop a natural instinct to take care of the environment and volunteer in other conservation programs.

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