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Interns do it for Sharks


If we don't swim with them, we're educating about them and if not that, then we're collecting signatures for them. Whichever way it goes, sharks are always on our minds here at Downbelow.

Our Professional Scuba Interns too can't help but get into the swim of things, and have learned the art of working sharks into any conversation.

Since returning to our Gaya island dive centre in KotaKinabalu for his Master Scuba Diver Trainer certification, Pro Intern Joe has been involved in various Project AWARE activities, from events to assisting with specialities.

He has also actively been soliciting signatures from divers and snorkelers, educating them about the plight of sharks and what they can do help.

Fitting too, with Big Shark Shout Out Week coming up 15 - 23 October; a push by divers around the world to amplify awareness about sharks that are disappearing at an alarming rate.

It's an ongoing drive however, and we're always pitching to our divers about sharks in peril, urging them to join the Project AWARE campaign against the large scale decimation of shark populations.

Only when everybody stands up to be counted can we force a change in legislation and attitudes to reverse the fates of sharks.

Haven't raised your hand yet? Stand up and be counted by signing the Shark AllianceANDGive Sharks a Chance petitions today.

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