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New Shark Conservation Instructors


Earlier this week our resident PADI Course Director Richard Swannbecame the first PADI member to qualify as an instructor and instructor trainer for Project AWARE's new Shark Conservation Speciality.

Because shark populations are fast depleting and time is of the essence, Richard rapidly started to apply his shark knowledge by qualify our professional interns Steve and Joseph.

With his passion for sharks burning hot, Richard also rounded up 3 more candidates to train as instructors.

Two of them, interns Paul and Joe, were both IDC interns with Downbelow quite recently and are now both working towards the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating. The Shark Conservation Speciality is in addition to the 5 specialities required for the MSDT rating.

The 3rd participant, James, is Downbelow's IDC Staff Instructor, Assistant Base Leader and serial shark lover.

The speciality course will arm them with an arsenal of information about sharks, threats and what action is required to save and recover shark populations.

New instructors will, in turn, teach new divers in all things shark. When more trainers like Richard start training instructors to qualify divers, the legion on shark defenders will grow exponentially.

These numbers will then have the power to effect change in legislation to better protect and manage the planet's threatened sharks.

With Big Shark Shout Out Week (15 - 23 October) around the corner, it's a great opportunity for divers to petition for sharks. To assist, check out our AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality course promo.

Get the knowledge and shout out for sharks!

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