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Removing Debris & Saving Marine Life in Borneo


We have seen too many times discarded fishing nets continue their killing rampage on the ocean floor. We know only too well that for every second the nets are in the waters the more victims fall prey to them.

So when we stumbled upon one such net in the protected Tunku Abdul Rahman Park recently, we reported the find to the authorities immediately and wasted no time as we assembled a team to remove the net.

We don't have to wait for the authorities to act because we have everything that we need, such as logistics, boats, fuel and manpower. They are all supplied and approved by Downbelow as the company supports conservation projects wholeheartedly.

The job is not easy still but we have removed hundreds of nets so our crew are very familiar with the additional safety measures that are required.

Thanks to our crew and Go Pro interns who joined with the rescue project dedicating their time and energy the menace was removed.

At least all of us made a difference to this little part of the ocean and lives were most certainly saved !

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