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Oriental Bay Beach & Underwater Clean Up


We joined up with Adventure Wellington to help them with this annual event.

At first glance the beach and shallows looked reasonably rubbish free but then we got started...

10 divers geared up and entered around the breakwater and headed out to different areas looking for rubbish. Kayakers followed them out to assist with rubbish collection so the divers didn't have to swim back to shore each time they filled their bags.

The 12 strong shore crew climbed out over the breakwater and seen laying over the rocks with arms reaching in to collect all sorts of rubbish including plastic bottles, a duvet, ropes, sheets a plastic and random items of clothing.

The divers headed back to the beach with road cones, chippie packets, bottles and cans and lots of glasses presumably from the boat cafe. All this rubbish was then decrittered and the marine life was initially placed into a tank for the public to see before being returned to the ocean. Cushion stars, chitons, cat's eyes, shield shell slugs, nudibranchs, triple fins and octopus were all found in the rubbish.

Over 25kgs of rubbish was collected from underwater and another 40kgs of rubbish collected along the beach and breakwater.


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