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Matiu/Somes Island Clean Up


Our club members headed over to Matiu/Somes for our annual beach & underwater clean up.
The weather was not suitable to dive around the wharves but the DoC Ranger had a cunning plan to get us diving by the lighthouse.

It only took 2 trips with the quad & trailer and lots of muscle to get all our dive gear down the steep track to the beach! Getting back up was even more interesting.

The beach itself was sheltered and calm and looked fantastic to explore. Even better - there was not much rubbish to be found underwater, with a few bottles, a spoon, some random pieces of plastic & metal and a dive knife.

The beach was in such a good state with a lot of rubbish blown in along the shore with 1000's of piece of plastic including bottles, straws, pieces of rope, shot gun cartridges, food wrappers and a boogie board.

Making a difference in our local environment always feels satisfying and to top it off we stayed overnight to explore the island and meet the local residents -  giant wetas and tuatara!

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