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Petone Wharf Beach & Underwater Clean Up


A bunch of divers and friends and family headed to Petone Wharf on Sunday 16th September for our annual beach and underwater clean up. After briefings from our new Divemasters - Rachel & David everyone headed out to start collecting!
The divers headed out along the wharf with visibilty of 1m before they started picking up rubbish. The good news is that in our 6th clean up here there is not a lot of rubbish to find. What was found was related to fishing activities on the wharf - including lots of line, a knife, a crab pot, thermos and a few cans and bottles. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of rubbish dumping at this site.

The bad news is what the others collected from the beach and carpark - over 27kg of rubbish!
195 food wrappers, 105 straws, 90 caps/bottle tops, 43 plastic bags, 20 nails, 16 cable ties & 15 beer bottles! Even worse - over 900 cigarette butts; with 300 collected from the grass area by the wharf which unfortunately is on par with what we have collected in that area in past years.

We would love to thank everyone who showed up and helped with our clean up but also to all the other divers, schools, community groups and businesses who got involved with clean up events all along our coastline this September. Keep up the good work!

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