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Shark Gardian Presentation in Timor Leste


Dive Timor Lorosae organised a presentation on Shark Conservation by Shark Guardian for some of the divers and friends living in Dili after our last IDC.

What is Shark Guardian?

Shark Guardian is UK registered Charity for Shark and Marine Conservation founded by Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing, both experienced scuba diving instructors with a great passion for sharks. Shark Guardian has been focusing on shark conservation, education, supporting shark conservation efforts and leading scuba dives for shark encounters since 1998.


For over 400 million years sharks have survived at the top of the marine ecosystem keeping our oceans healthy and ecologically balanced. Unfortunately various movies and the media have depicted sharks as vicious killing machines when in reality sharks are in greater danger from humans than we are from them.

Up to 100 million sharks are killed each year and a third of all shark species are nearly extinct. This massive reduction in shark populations around the world is having a catastrophic effect on our marine ecosystem. As apex predator, sharks maintain a balance in the ocean food chain, directly affecting all marine species, keeping our oceans healthy and full of life, ultimately helping to support all life on earth. For this reason, now, and especially over the last 8-10 years, huge efforts have been made to encourage governments’ protection for sharks by conservation organizations.

Shark conservation and making a difference starts with a better understanding and increased knowledge of sharks and the vital role they play for all life on earth. Shark Guardian delivers this essential information for the next generation as we believe they can, and will make a difference.

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