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The Great Fiji Shark Count at Dive Wananavu - Starting Strong

The month of April and the second year of the Great Fiji Shark Count had rolled around quickly, but don't worry, we were prepared.  Count record books are lining the dive shop desks, shark, turtle and ray identification books are loaded onto the boats.  The only thing we were missing was the divers.  But we have been blessed at Dive Wananavu to start the month joined with the EM dive group all the way from sunny California.  Thirteen divers who are ready and wanting to be in the warm Fijian water as much as possible.  They arrived, jet lagged, but excited to get started.       While not everyone in the EM group has been diving four dives a day, we are seeing sharks on pretty much every dive so far, and being 16 dives into the month, thats a lot of grey reef and white tip reef sharks.  But the beautiful Bligh Waters north of Viti Levu have also given the EM group a few sightings of magnificent spotted eagle rays, and what better way to spend your surface intervals that snorkelling with turtles as they come up to breathe.       We hope that this trend of sightings on continues, as the EM group departs us in two days, we are ready to greet more divers to help us.  All of the data that we can collect will go forward and continue to help produce a better picture of the populations of sharks, turtles and rays around Fiji, and to the fisheries departments to monitor the fishing that happens around these fantastic Pacific islands.       Learn more about what we are doing at        
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