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Finley goes to UAE Red Crescent to donate for charity


During the holy month of Ramadan in Abu Dhabi, plenty of people do allot of charitable work and really go out of their way to help others in need. Al Mahara Dive Team and Finley on such occasion went to the Red Crescent to donate children's clothes and toys and other non perishable items which were donated by divers.

The UAE Red Crescent plays an important role in charitable and humanitarian work locally and internationally in order to meet the needs of the weak and afflicted. Some of the RC authority’s remarkable characteristics include its speed of the presence at the heart of the event, whatever the circumstances and risks, the dissemination of international humanitarian law principles as widely as possible, seeking to build a healthy and safe society, and achieving social peace among members of the local community locally, and the global community.

 This also holds true for our goal to protect Finley and Fin and the global shark population against unnecessary hunting and finning of sharks and they need our protection. Since their population has declined by 70-80% says scientists.

ShareWe thank all the volunteers who made time to donate to the Red Crescent and we look forward to seeing more people join us.

 nd fHappy bubbles!

Al Mahara Dive Team and Finley xo

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