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Reef Check Training (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)


Reef Check in Abu Dhabi


Congratulations to the EDA Reef Check candidates who participated in the Reef Check Eco Diver Program in May and September 2011 in Abu Dhabi. A Group of intrepid EDA members took up the challenge to become Reef Check Eco Divers. During the three day intensive training program, Ken Atkinson conduct training divers to monitor the coral reefs within the Indo Pacific waters using globally standardized scientific protocol. Participants learns to collect valuable data using the Underwater Reef Guides to establish the healthy status of our local coral reefs. This data can be used by marine park managers or rangers, scientists, government authorities to help keep track of the status of the reefs. In order to pass, all participants took the Powerpoint ID test (80% to pass) on substrates, invertebrates and vertebrates and field test (90% to pass). Upon successful completion, the divers will be able to participate in Reef Check surveys in the region and to be able to submit the valuable data to the global database. We will be looking at the next Reef Check Eco Diver training in December or January. In the meantime, the reef monitoring will begin in Abu Dhabi with qualified Eco Divers to survey some of the coral reef's status.

For more details about Reef Check Training in the UAE, you can contact Emirates Diving Association at +971-4-3939390 or or contact Al Mahara Diving Center at

Happy and safe diving!

Al Mahara Dive and Kayak Team

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