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Celebrate success with a picnic


This month Project Aware are celebrating the Debris Month of Action. In support of this worthy cause, the Dive Matters Team met early on Saturday 10th September at Dover Harbour, Kent.

We appointed one of our youngest Team members (Toby, aged 9) as Eco Manager and quickly got to work with a beach clean up. Albeit a relatively clean beach, we managed to fill several sacks full of rubbish between us before kitting up for our underwater clean up.

As high tide approached we entered the water, using the harbour wall as our natural reference. The visibility was not the best, nevertheless we encountered a variety of marine life including some crabs with attitude! Similar to the beach, it was relatively clean under water but various objects were recovered including a number of plastic shopping bags.

We were having so much fun that after our picnic by the seaside we decided to move a short distance to Shakespeare beach for a clean up both in the water. At this location we had a number of sacks filled within half an hour. Even a local fisherman assisted us! The largest piece of debris recovered was the interior of a car door.

All in all this was an enjoyable day cleaning up our local dive environment and we also raised £60 to donate towards Project Aware. 

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