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A different kind of outreach


A week or so ago i did a talk for the inter-generational learning center at Providence Mount St. Vincent "the mount" assisted living facility.   It has a preschool and kindergarden in a facility with over 400 residents.  

I took in my dive gear and over an hour of diving videos...   As you can see in the pictures, the gear was a big hit, and they watched EVERY video.... 

In picture 5, the little tiny old lady in the blue and white quilt is 102 years old... the kids were all 5/6 year olds.   it was one of the most wonderful and rewarding things i've done, and they have invited me back!!!!!!!

They have even asked if would make a jellyfish and  fish video for their Alzheimer's patients because the underwater scenes seem to sooth them...  I think that is some of the most rewarding feedback I have ever gotten :)  

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