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Aquanauts CDC participates in Project Aware’s Month against Debris (September 2012)

On the global Beach and Reef Cleanup day, September 15 2012, Aquanauts Instructors and Interns participated in the project Aware Month Against Debris. and were even accompanied by the customers of that day! For this Aquanauts instructors Amy and Daniel (Snippy)  selected “Shark Point” as the place for their cleanup. Shark Point is the divesite on Koh Larn on the North Side, near Koh Sak.   As this location is not dived on a lot by any diveshops and Aquanauts noticed debris there, it was an easy pick. After giving the whole Fight against Debris-team the dive-briefing and handing out the nets for collecting the debris, the team went on their way. In 1 hour dive in total everyone needed to surface multiple times to empty their bags During the dive the teams were followed by a nice batfish and even had a fish-couple follow a team around. maybe we had taken a bottle or something, that they selected to become their home and with this hour only a small part of Shark Point was covered. We will keep our fight against debris at this site going on. After lunch the team also did a cleanup of the island connected to the divesite. and came back with at least 9 Garbish bags filled with debris that was washed up on the shore. just a brief summary of what we found: * lots of bottles (glass and plastic) * tires * sunglasses * flipflops * sunhead * ropes * fishing nets * Letter Signs * and many more!   Thanks to all you guys who helped to make the ocean cleaner again!!!!
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