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Shark Projects in Thailand


through this small blog post on the Project Aware - My Ocean Page I would like to introduce 2 shark projects that are running in Thailand.
these projects I actively support, promote and contribute to.


Spot the leopard Shark - Thailand (Aug 2013 - current)

As of August 2013 a community-based project has been started by the University of Queensland, Australia to start to recognize, count and monitor the Leopard shark population in the Thai waters. This project is run by Christine Dudgeon.
Sharks are amongst her field speciality and she has ran a project 'Spot the leopard Shark' in Australia already and research their population ecology.
Now after 3yrs of monitoring the population there, a project together with the support of Thai local organisation is started to see why what is believed is a decline in leopard shark sightings and which leopards are seen where.

Snippy's Snaps Diving is actively supporting this project via providing his images of leopard sharks and creating additional publicity for the project via media. By that trying to get more people to contribute to the project.
we hope that the project will give a good insight on the population and maybe, if needed, can help in protecting these beautiful and friendly sharks.
For more info check out the website:  Spot the leopard shark - thailand  or follow (AND contribute) via the Facebook page.

If you provide data of a new leopard shark you get the opportunity to name your shark
at this moment (sept 3013) Snippy's Snaps Diving has named 3 leopard sharks. You can find the names and pictures on the project pages or on the Snippy's Snaps Diving Facebook Page


Shark Count - Local activity / Private Project- (May 2013 - current)

For years Lars, a Danish national, has monitored, counted and recognized blacktip Reefsharks out of a personal interest. By coincidence Snippy's Snaps Diving found the website and got in contact with Lars.
As of that moment a relationship got established and Snippy's Snaps Diving and Moskito Diving starting to actively contribute to this project.
the activities for this project consists of monitoring, registering all shark sightings. and taken pictures of Sharks for registration and identification.

sightings are done during all diving activities or via special snorkeltrips to Phi Phi Don - Shark Point / Hin Phae.  You can follow this monitoring via the website
Blacktip sharks get named when they have multiple sightings in different years.  At this moment (sept. 2013)  Snippy's Snaps Diving has named 2 Blacktip sharks that have been sighted by Snippy and others in multiple years.  
You can find the names and pictures on the project pages or on the Snippy's Snaps Diving Facebook Page

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