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Reef Protection Plan Going Strong


This weekend 11/8/13 Dive Tribes team have installed 2 more Helix Anchors into the seabed bringing the total to 3, further protecting the reefs around Koh Sak Island.
The buoys have been secured and boats have been placed on the mooring lines and all of them seem to be working well. The buoys will be deployed on a 50 meter grid section allowing boats plenty of room to get to the buoys and if there are currents or high winds the boats will be spaced wide enough apart to avoid any collisions. 
We are pleased to see boats from Adventure Divers and Pattaya Dive Center using the moorings instead of dropping anchors onto the seabed, this gives us great confidence for the future of these reefs as we deploy more buoys.
We are in the process of producing some stickers and leaflets that will be given to the boat captains and relevant dive centers that will show how to pick up the mooring lines and attach their boats safely to the buoys. 

We would like to thank our sponsors Getinge Group who this week sponsored a buoy and ofcourse Dragon Capital who have also sponsored another buoy..
For those of you that don't know, Koh Sak Island in Thailand has become a very important dive site to train divers, it not only has some very important coral reefs but also a whole host of beautiful fish and invertebrates that will now be protected by these mooring buoys.

Thank you once again to our sponsors the DMCR and to our magnificent helpers on the day from Rumrudee International School.
Dive Tribe will be out again this week surveying the reefs and at the weekend installing more mooring buoys and working on our Reef Protection Program ( RRP).

If you are a company and would like to sponsor our Reef Protection Program please contact us HERE
We rely on your generous donations to keep protecting reefs in Thailand -Learn more about our mooring system and its importance HERE

Thanks Again For Your Support Team at DT

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