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Happy Fin Free Chinese New Year


Dive Tribe and it’s supporters Marine Project, Scuba With Mike and Students from Mahidol University celebrated Chinese New Year “Underwater” with the Sharks at Underwater World in Pattaya. 
The reason for the event was to let the visiting public and media know that Sharks Fin soup a delicacy traditionally given at Chinese New Year is no longer a sustainable option and can also damage the consumers health.

 Over the past few years, the global plight of sharks has gained prominent attention with a growing momentum to protect sharks across the world. This past year, U.S. President Barack Obama signed the Shark Conservation Act into law to close existing loopholes on shark finning. The European Commission adopted a strong draft legislative proposal to end shark finning. Taiwan, the fourth largest shark catching country in the world, has also enacted regulations to outlaw shark finning as from 2012. Several Central American countries adopted regional regulations beginning this year to strengthen the region’s shark protection and management measures.

Even in Asia, where 90% of the world’s shark fins are traded and consumed, we are seeing an emerging constituency, particularly from younger generations, advocating the shunning of this cruel and unsustainable food product.

On January 23, the weeklong traditional Lunar/Chinese New Year celebrations began. 
The New Year is the most important festival amongst the Chinese communities across Asia and around the world. It is a special occasion for families, friends and businesses to celebrate the coming of the New Year with elaborate and celebratory dishes, such as shark fin soup.

Advocates in China and elsewhere in Asia, such as Singapore & Malaysia, have called for doing away with this unsavory tradition.

Dive Tribe are working hard with other Shark Conservation organisations to ask Thailand Government to follow the rest of Asia and indeed the world in banning the practice & sale of Sharks Fins.

The event which took place on the 22nd January was a great success and made many headlines in Thailand and further a field.
The message is begining to make it self heard both by the public, governments and busines organisations through out Asia.
Dive Tribe will continue to campaign until sharks can swim safely with out fear of extinction. You can see pictures from the event HERE.


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