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Sponsors of the Reef !


Dive Tribe were sponsored and given a large donation by Dragon Capital ( an integrated investment group centered around the emerging financial markets of Vietnam.
Established in 1994 from an initial base of US$16m and eight staff, at December 2011, Dragon Capital managed around US$1.0bn with a headcount in excess of 100. They have offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi (registered with Vietnam's SSC), the United Kingdom (regulated by the FSA), Bangkok and Hong Kong (registered with SFC).
Their mission is to be a top class intermediator of capital by providing attractive returns to investors, value to companies, and a desirable workplace for employees.
To perform these with absolute professionalism and integrity, driven by a long-term commitment to the sustainable development of the environment, society and economy of Vietnam.

Well their commitment to "Sustainable Development of the Environment" was put to the test and they came away with top marks, not only for their generous donation but for taking a real interest in the project as a whole.
We can can not thank them enough !

Their generous donation has allowed us to buy all the heavy equipment we need to start to put in the mooring buoys which will help build our marine park.

This was our shopping list :
Hydraulic Torque Motor (2,500ft,Ib)
Hydraulic Power Pack ( Steel Frame)
Hydraulic Hoses 2 - 100 ft
Quick Disconnects (Male, Female)

Helix Anchor 1 1/2" Sq Shaft
5ft lead 8/10 & 5 Ft Termination
Helix Extension 3ft Long
Helix Extension 5 ft Long

Helix Anchor 1 3/4" Sq Shaft
5ft lead 8/10 & 5 Ft Termination
Helix Extension 3ft Long
Helix Extension 5 ft Long

Harness and Aluminium Plate
200 l/b Lift Bag

Payment was made & delivery has taken place 

A Marine Park Reality

Now as we all know enough is not being done to save our coral reefs, and this is where YOU can make a real difference.
We are asking conservation minded public and divers to please support us by donating a small amount to help us purchase the buoys that will secure & protect the coral reefs before they are all destroyed.

By clicking HERE you can see the whole project and how to donate.

We have faith that divers and the public will step up and help our reefs.
The whole process will be video documented and all of you that donate will be mentioned on our website and social networking sites.

Our Thanks Again to Dragon Capital for such a generous donation and really caring for our endangered coral reefs.

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