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Recycle Center for Koh Sak island - PLEASE HELP !


Over the last 3 years Dive Tribe have been diving and visiting the island of Koh Sak for beach clean ups, diving and ecology tuition with our students.
It has been while visiting this island that it becomes clear (And I am going to stick my neck out here ,but it has to be said) that neither the Thai's who make there business on the island or the local authorities/Town Hall really dont give a crap about this stunning island.

We have on many occasions performed beach clean up where we have taken 30 - 40 kilos worth of rubbish off in a day. Some of it, granted does come in from the ocean but a big majority of it comes from idle tourists that think its OK to throw the rubbish on the beach. And why not as the locals do it ! Example take a walk down the beach and you will see many plastic bottles of 2 stroke oil just thrown on the beach by the jet ski and speed boat rental companies that hire their craft for tourists. 

If you have ever been to the island you will probably have noticed there are no facilities to place rubbish (or very few and usually overflowing).

Dive Tribe have decided to do something about this and with the help of the public and the international community of ocean lovers  we want to get this island cleaned and have installed more rubbish bins, 4 recycle centers and signs that ask people to care for the island and dont throw or leave rubbish on the beach. ( Believe it or not there are no signs that ask the public not to litter).
The idea behing the recycle centers is that much of the trash can be sorted and taken off the island which will result in payment for the Thais that do the recycling. If there is a small profit in it then the locals will be more than happy to get involved.
Also these recycle centers will be very visual, thus reminding the public that we do care for the island and we want to keep it clean.

The cost for all this work and cleanliness is a mere $400 usd or in Baht 11,600 thb
It's really not much at all, and this is why Dive Tribe are turning to YOU to help fund this project and get this and then other islands in Thailand to adopt this simple yet effective way of keeping beaches clean.

Is $5 or 145thb too much to ask for from our marine conservationist friends to help us succeed in this project ?
Is $5 or 145thb too much to ask for to protect our wildlife, of which we have Turtles, Sharks and precious coral reefs (We also had a whale shark visit last year, we would like her back but she will only be back if the oceans are celan).
For only the price of a coffee or a glossy magazine You can help us help our oceans, and god know they need it !! 
If you think its worthwhile please click HERE and donate just a small amount.

We will thank you and so will the island the ocean and its wildlife 
Thank You from the team at DIVE TRIBE

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