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Coral Bleaching workshop 2013


This month saw Dive Tribe as hosts of the 2013 "Building Capacity For Socio-Ecological Resistance to Coral Bleaching Events in Indonesia,Malaysia and Thailand" Workshop which took place at the Ambassador Hotel in Na Jomtien just outside Pattaya. The Team leader was reef ecologist Dr James True of Prince Songkla University.Other hosts and participants included Researchers, University Dr's and Dive Operators from Bangkok, incl Reef Check, Green Fins, The Coral Reef Alliance, DMCR, WWF, CSIRO, University of Technology Queensland,University of New South Wales, Katsesart University,NOAA.

The main objectives of the workshop was to raise awareness about the impacts of mass bleaching and climate change on coral reef systems and strengthen interaction among scientists, government decision makers and reef dependant tour operators. We were looking to disseminate training materials that could be encompassed into an ongoing knowledge base to help dive operators better understand how to tackle and protect reefs that may suffer bleaching in the future.

The workshop set out to achieve greater awareness among stakeholders about the impacts of coral bleaching, environmental degradation, pollution and climate change. During our time together we collaborated and developed evidence based recommendations for appropriate reef management and methodologies to guide work during future bleaching events. The days workshop was a great success and we wish to thank all those that took part. Dive Tribe were happy to take on the mantel of mediator between Dive Shops and Government and NGO organisations and we look forward to an update in 6 months.


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