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The Campaign and Its Impact


“Dive Tribes Great Shark Release” hopes to be one of the largest shark releases ever staged.

The idea is to release captive bred sharks and sharks we can rescue from restaurants and pet stores in Thailand back to the ocean on Sept 3rd 2011. 
We are working with a team of marine biologists and shark specialists to make sure that every thing we do is text book and no harm will come to any of the sharks during the release.

Currently the shark situation in Thailand is becoming worse, sharks are taken for fins or the pups and small sharks simply taken for soup and Thai dishes.
These sharks are sometimes taken illegally and usually at night from our National Marine Parks.

By releasing Bamboo, Leopard and Black Tip Reef Sharks we hope we can:
 1. Restore a small portion of the shark population
 2. Bring public awareness to the decimation of Sharks in Thailand and globally
 3. Educate the public as to the importance of sharks
 4. Open and start dialogue with the relevant authorities regarding putting in some protection for endangered
shark species in Thailand
 5. Make this an annual event until the relevant protection is in place. 

Without this campaign we face serious decimation of our sharks population in the coming years.

We have to act now and bring all the public media, aquariums & dive centers together and work as one before its too late and some of our last shark are taken from Thai Oceans.

You can help support the campaign by donating to release a shark:

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