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The Shark Release


We all know that "SHARKS" need our help.

Shark numbers are rapidly decreasing and in Thailand many divers have commented on the lack of "Shark Sightings" in and around our National Marine Parks.
Over the last few years tourism and overfishing have all had a negative impact on our oceans around Thailand.

I personally have noticed a severe decline in shark numbers over the last 12 years of diving in Thailand.

I used to almost guarantee customers that we would see sharks in Similans and areas of Koh Tao where as over the last 2 years I have seen none.

Infact the only shark I have seen was one lonely juvenile brown banded bamboo shark in Pattaya this year.

Where I do see a great many sharks in Thailand is in the restaurants and pet shops.
I have witnessed tanks of Black Tip Reef Sharks for sale in Pattaya & Bangkok for the pet trade and large amounts of Bamboo & Zebra Sharks for sale at restaurants.

My organisation are sent shark fishing, finning and slaughtered shark pictures in Thailand’s National Marine Parks on a weekly basis.

The extent to which the shark population is declining in Thailand to put it bluntly is alarming.

We would like your help to bring awareness to the plight of sharks in a publicity/media event we would like to organise called “Dive Tribes National Shark Release 2011”.
This event will take place on Saturday 3rd September.

Working with industry professionals, marine biologists and the diving operators in Thailand we hope to re-introduce Captive Bred Sharks & Rescued Sharks back into the oceans around Thailand.

This will have a positive impact on many levels .

Firstly by introducing the sharks back into the habitat and monitoring them we hope to see populations increase.

Secondly by releasing the sharks we will be using the media as a tool to spread public awareness across Thailand.

We have already been featured in a number of newspaers in Thailand and have given TV interviews over the past few weeks.

After the release we will have a video that we will use to educate the public by travelling around the country to schools colleges and fishing communities and trying to educate the Thai public as to the importance of sharks to there economy.

Lastly we will be talking with the Environment Minister of Thailand and handing him our petition asking for Shark Fishing /Finning to be stopped in Thailand or Shark Safe Protected Areas to be put into place until tougher legislation can be implemented.
Do you think it's possible to get him to Dive with Sharks ?
We will Try !!!! 

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