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Dive Tribes Artificial Reef Project


With the obvious decline and damage to our reefs in Pattaya, Dive Tribe have set out to address this problem , by offering an alternate dive site and a coral nursery/replanting system to better aid our failing reefs. 
 So this month Dive Tribe took to the oceans to install the first part of their prototype artificial reef. This structure is the first part of a two part structure that aims to grow corals in several different ways and then the ongoing studies will be conducted by Mahidol University with the help of Dive Tribe. 
The two metal structures are separated by 4m with rope lengths tied between. Coral fragments of opportunity will be collected from the reef and pinched between the ropes. The structures will be connected to a solar buoy to allow for electro-chemical precipitation from the seawater to ensure the integrity of the metal structures. Bottle nurseries will be deployed within the area created by the connecting wires and under the rope nursery.

Once the structure is complete we will be monitoring coral growth and taking a particular interest as to what has moved in on the structure and surrounding area.
This is just a prototype for a much larger structure we will be building later this year with the help of our sponsors.
After deploying the reef structure Dive Tribe went on and added two more mooring buoys to the reef bringing the mooring buoy total now to 5, which will further help to protect the reefs. A big thank you to our mooring buoy sponsors Dragon Capital, who have again supported our marine conservation work. If you would like to join us on the 14th September we still have some places left so please contact us Here  
Thanks to all our supporters and it looks like Pattaya will soon have the reef protection and a safer diving environment it so badly needs. If you would like to support us and help us protect the reefs, you can learn more Here.
Thanks From The Team At DT

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