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Taking the Project AWARE Shark petition to the Streets of my Local City Centre


On Thursday 19th May 2011, we took our shark petition to the streets of Bristol City Centre. We had so much fun! PADI colleagues and Phil from West Country Divers, a local dive center, also joined us. We asked as many Broadmead shoppers as possible to sign the Project AWARE "Give Sharks a Fighting Chance" petition campaign. The response was great and even though some people didn't want to sign it, we managed to, if not change their minds, at least make them think about the plight of our sharks. One out five shark species are threatened with extinction and the population has declined dramatically in recent years. Project AWARE has already collected more than 62,000 petition signatures. Our goal is to reach the 100,000 target by World Oceans Day, on June 8. Thanks to all those who came along we are 450 signatures closer to our target. Special thanks go to my work buddy Jennifer for organizing this event!


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