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King Fisher Pond Dive Against Debris


I went to King Fisher Pond on Sept 10 to complete a Dive Against Debris dive.  I deliberately choose the south entry of the Pond, to see the area that is more heavily used by fishermen and kayakers vs the north end that is used by divers.  My buddy team surveyed an area about 100' by 100' for 40 minutes.  We came up with 4.3 pounds of debris, which as you might suspect consisted primarily of beer cans & bottles (only 1 soft drink can was found), fishing line, plastic caps from water bottles, a lot of cigarette butts obviously flicked out into the water (at least they weren't setting the grass on fire!), and a lot of miscellaneous stuff.  I was surprised at the amount of debris in that area of King Fisher Pond because the dive site area at the north end has historically been fairly clean.  I plan on doing more Dive Against Debris dives at the south end to work different areas and I encourage all of my fellow Denver divers to do one in that area as well.

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