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Ban's Project AWARE Shark month APRIL 2012!!!!


Half way into April, we are so happy with the results, but's It's only a start....!

So far we have collected over 2400 Signatures and our Project AWARE Staff Instructor taught the first Project AWARE Shark Conservation Adventure Dive during his Advanced Course!

Since Jens has done this, so many instructors are asking how to teach this as well and that's amazing! The demand from students is very high at the moment to learn more about the conservation of Sharks and more and more instructors are seeing the value in it and it's so rewarding to teach!

The next step is then easy to get them excited for the Project AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course! Amazing feedback!

On 18-04-2012 we will create a stand in front of the exit of the Lompraya pier to collect Project AWARE signatures off every new arrival on Koh Tao and give them a flyer to the Project AWARE Party that Ban's and our bar the FishBowl will be giving that night to support Project AWARE, the sharks and Donation collection.

We keep you updated!

Special Thanks to: Jens Niels and Mariska!

The Eco Team of Ban's Diving Resort


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