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Marine Debris Reef Clean Up - Save Koh Tao - Project Aware


Saturday 30-07-2011

What a fantastic day it was!

It started with our monthly reef clean up, this time with Save Koh Tao and many other dive Centers!

We had a sing-up of 20 people to clean the reef of AowLeuk on Koh Tao. It was a joint operation with Dive Centers like Crystal, Big Blue and many more...

We started off with a extended lined from the first Bowline to the beach. There was so much small debris next to the bowline and the path most fishing boats use to Angkor. Getting closer to the reef we wanted to collect more debris, but thankfully it got less and less. AowLeuk seen so many tourist and divers, but there was almost nothing to collect!

A great feeling was created to see how many people take care of that reef in these markets!

Album and pictures will be added soon!

Visit us at

Marcel van den Berg

Facebook Search: Save Koh Tao


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