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Ban's Diving Resort dedicated themselves to Project Aware!


Ban's Diving Resort had always supported Project Aware, but now we are on Project Aware Steroids!

Because of the large numbers of students en Fun Divers going through the resort we realized that it is a shame to use the numbers only for average awareness of the ocean planet and Project Aware, so we changed our Eco strategy. Now we are supporting Project Aware in many different way's to get donations and the message out to most people, and it's working!

Ban's Diving resort is now doing the following projects to support Project Aware:

·         Massive Signatures collecting through more than 15000 students per year!

·         Each PADI Divemaster Trainee must get signed of for 6 eco volunteers like: Weekly Beach Clean Ups, Twice a month Reef Clean ups, 1 My Ocean Lecture, Collecting Shark Signatures around Koh Tao and many more Project Aware activities hosted through Ban’s Diving Resort

·         Our well beloved partners The Film Company on Koh Tao are now working very closely with us in supporting Project Aware and Coral Watch

·         Highly active in promoting Project Aware and their activities on Social our social network sites like: Facebook and My Ocean from project Aware

·         Using a unique Template to send by email to all of our students 4 months after the certified by Ban’s Diving Resort

·         Giving a monthly Project Aware presentation for all free to attend starting from 21-11-2011

·         Using posters and banners to show our support to Project Aware around the resort

·         Very active on the Big Shark Shout Out Week

·         Very active in getting students to take the Project Aware Donations Cards

·         First to receive Finley (Ow we miss her so!)

·         And many more activities around the year!

It’s all been a great success for Project Aware and Ban’s Diving Resort in the last months and so many new plans waiting to put into place. The biggest success has been getting students to select the Project Aware certifications cards for their PADI Courses. So far in only a few months we have seen an increase in 60% more people selecting the cards! We are aiming for 100% hopefully in the next year! Think about it…. More than 15000 students a year times 10,- Aus. Dollars per card….. I think it’s a mission worth to taking!

Stay tuned for the next blog about our Big Shark Shout Out Week!

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