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Design a Poster to Protect Posidonia Competition


The Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica has recently been found to be Earth’s oldest living organism. It is certainly responsible for the great abundance of marine life that attracts so many divers and snorkelers to the Costa Brava each summer.

Kenna Eco Diving has launched Design a Poster to Protect Posidonia Competition to produce a poster/flyer aimed at raising awareness amongst pleasure boat users about the severe damage caused by anchoring.

In one bay being studied by the Kenna Eco Diving team of volunteer research divers there has been an estimated 25 per cent loss of Posidonia beds over the past decade, mainly as a result of careless anchoring.

Voluntary coordinator, Gaynor Rosier, stated “It is heart-breaking to witness the careless destruction of hundreds of years’ worth of growth of this vital habitat that supports hundreds of marine creatures throughout their life-cycles. We want to launch an awareness campaign and need a graphical design to get the message across to the many nationalities of pleasure boat users that come to enjoy our coast every summer.”

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