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eManta - PA newsletter explains why it's important & why the short deadline


Project AWARE just posted a "Manta Rays at Risk" on their website & newsletter. It explains the current plight of manta & devil rays, and asks for support in getting them protected at the next CITES meeting. This short article article succintly explains why we are doing the eManta project (, why observations and data from divers are so important and why we have such a short deadline - the next CITES meeting!

Currently, we stand at 125 surveys, but we need at least 450. So, we are continuing to look for participants around the world. If you know any experienced divers, please ask them to contribute. Five minutes of their time to fill out a survey for the area they know best (whether or not they see mantas), could mean everything for manta and devil rays. 


Survey here:


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