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Cozumel Turtle Salvation Program

I, along with my wife Loree and Bluewater Divers staff, Allen Aboujeib, Jennifer Davidson, Garrett Nelson and Amanda Mills spent part of Labor Day weekend helping little baby turtles escape from their nests and make their way to their ocean home. It was a super cool experience! 100 Loggerhead and 125 Green turtles now reside in the choppy waters off the eastern shore of Cozumel due to the diligent efforts of The Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program and our humble assistance. There also was a group of local children who received information and were allowed to observe this important contribution of their home island to the oceanic ecosystem and global turtle numbers. They will be the next generation of turtle helpers. The Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program assists the turtles on several fronts: They ensure a safe environment for the female turtles to dig their nests and lay their eggs. Upon witnessing the laying of the eggs, the nest is marked and dated. 55 days later the site is secured for the hatching process ensuring success from nest to sea. The following day the same nest is excavated for any "late bloomers" who failed, for a variety of reasons, to be successful in leaving the nest with it's siblings. Considering the nest is on average three feet deep, this can be a strenuous endeavour. These stragglers are then utilized as the lead turtles in the next nest hatching. All aspects of the nesting process is documented for application and research. If you wish to contribute your time or donate to the organization, information can be accessed at
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