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We raised $400 for shark protection during our Finathon shark dive!


Project AWARE coined the event Finathon to help end finning of sharks globally. So they encourage dive centers to get involved and hold their own Finathon. Normally a Finathon would be doing a swimming event or walking event…but here in South Florida we have the opportunity to dive with sharks in their natural environment…so Force-E created their Finathon with a full weekend of diving and fundraising.

On Sept 21, 2013 we went out for a two tank dive in Palm Beach. The seas were 1-2ft, the water temp was 84 degrees, and the vis was 40ft with a lot of particles in the water. We dropped down into the sand and 4 Caribbean Reef Sharks showed up and swam around the divers very calmly. Second dive we had a cute little nurse shark swimming along the divers.

On Sept 22, 2013 we went out for a two tank dive in Jupiter. Again we had 1-2ft seas, warm water, however the visibility on the first dive was only 10 ft so we only saw a glimpse of a few reef sharks. Second dive we went a little south and the visibility opened up to 40 ft…here we had great encounters with 5 reef sharks.

So our weekend diving with sharks was a success!!! Plus we raised $400 to donate to Project AWARE so that they can continue to fight to save sharks.

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