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Diving Islamorada, FL with Key Dives


I can not get enough of Islamorada and the diving. Even though the wind was kicking the seas were about 3-5 all but one day of 4 we had a great time. The sea life was plenty. The corals appear to be doing well. Key Dives had a group that was doing a Coral transplant project when we were there. 

There were 2 great dives on this trip. The first was the night dive on Allegator Reef. It was a full moon and the seas layed down. The vis was not that bad as well. I was greated at the bottom by a large logger head turtle and we saw no less then 6 other turtles there. Counted 4 free swiming green eels. Several southern Stingrays what were playful and stayed around our lights for a good amount of time. (come to find out there was a hammer head shark around and I guess they were using us for protection, that is ok) We found an octupuss that did not want to come out of its hole (but would you with all the ights we had). The second great dive was on the wreck the Eagle. The wreck is in about 110' of water and when we go in we could see most of the structrure. Great life including a Jew Fish about the size of a VW Bug (I think I upset his sleep when he was in the wreck) 

The best part of this trip is that I asked each of the 11 divers on the trip to pick up any and all trash found on the bottom. Only three peices were brought back up. One plastic bag, One crab pot liner and a beer can (which made for some good drinking photos).

If you are ever looking for some place to dive within the US good to Islamorada and dive with Key Dives (but tell them Gary sent you)

Till next trip,

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