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100% Committed


Since becoming a passionate diver I've always been massively involved in marine conservation. Qualifying as an Instructor first and getting promoted as Team Leader after were important steps in my diving career that allowed me to extend my reach to as many people as possible, to talk about the huge support our oceans desperatly need from all of us.

I've personally always integrated lectures about shark depletion and marine debris in all my courses, in order to change peoples perception towards these important topics and get them involved. Since becoming the Lead Instructor at Coral Grand Divers I've had the oppurtunity to reinforce these messages to my collegues and therefor to every single student/customer walking in our Dive Shop. 

Being in charge of all professional development courses meant that I was also able to shape new Instructors by transfering all my passion for the underwater realm to them in the hope that these new marine advocates would spread the awareness even further.

I believe firmly in Project AWARE's mission so organising Coral Grand Divers to join the 100% AWARE was a natural step. 

We can now proudly tell all of our customers about our 100% committment not only towards our oceans but also towards Project AWARE's cause!

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