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Dive Against Debris on the reef around the Willaurie Wreck with Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas


The dive boat headed out with 25 divers and 5 surface crew on a perfect calm ocean on Sunday 23rd March 2014 for another Dive Against Debris.  Conditions were fantastic and all were excited to jump in!

Our main items of local concern are fishing line, glass bottles and rope.  The reef was covered in fishing line so the divers carefully removed sections without disturbing the reef.  Other items removed included plastic bottles, fishing lures, plastic pipes, aluminium cans, strapping bands, rubber bands and tin cans.  One diver was very happy to find a brand new Trident fishing spear, perfect for getting Lion Fish!

A huge thankyou to all the volunteers who came to help including those from Lyford Cay International School, the Bahamas Dive Club and The Nature Conservancy. Big thanks to Romel for being an awesome captain, Blake from Fin Photo for taking some great photos and Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas for hosting the event and donating the boat and equipment.


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