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Target upped to $5000 - eek!


I woke up this morning to a phone call from my friend excitedly exclaiming that two people had just donated around $300, and my total donations were super close to $2000!  I decided it was time for action.  I have just raised my target to $5000.  Will you help me?

Am I just upping the target to avoid shaving my head?  Not at all.  I’m upping the target because I want to see sharks protected.  Even if I don’t make the $5000 all my hair will be coming off on the 8th of July as I’m only $55 away from my previous target, and many have donated good money to see me shave my head :).  While my hair will grow back, shark fins do not!

Please help me reach the $5000 mark click here to donate!

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