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Hello, this is the first of hopefully many blogs that will help us keep in touch with our friends about the efforts we are making to keep our environment a clean and safe place.

We are a relatively new dive centre, we have been open now for 5 months, and we are still working on ways in which we can help make a difference. In setting up our dive centre, we have incorporated good practices into the day to day running, such as providing customers with water in recyclable cups and re-using kit washing water in our toilets. We now want to start expanding our efforts in to the conservation of the stunning seas around our beautiful island of Koh Lanta. We regularly venture out on to the beach around our dive centre with bags to collect rubbish washed up underneath our pier.

We will be looking to link up with other dive centres and divers who can inspire us with their fresh ideas and maybe even come along to help. We might even be able to offer a little inspiration to others hoping to make a difference.

Good luck in your efforts. And remember, it's time to explore!

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