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The New Project AWARE PADI IDC Presentation


Although Project AWARE is already fully embedded within the PADI education system there is now a brand new Project AWARE PADI IDC presentation. The presentation its self is optional, but here at Trawangan Dive we are passing that option over to the candidate. Once the IDC is finished and candidates have also passed their PADI Instructor Examination, they will have a series of additional optional workshops including a C.V workshop, the new PADI Open water Course and now the Project AWARE presentation.

The presentation starts with a short but fun and informative quiz, which is designed to give instructors an example of how to present factual Project AWARE information in a fun and educational manner. It basically provides instructors with some information about who Project AWARE as an organization, what they are doing and highlights some of their achievements. The presentation also covers:


  • The role of the PADI Professional within the Project AWARE foundation; which includes the roles and responsibilities of PADI Professionals, highlighting the PADI Professional as a role model and the influences that can be gained by those under their guidance. Ultimately the PADI Professionals being identified as leaders in the field and the voice of the Project AWARE Foundation that stands between them and their community.


  • The significance of the Project AWARE business; thus highlighting the alliance between PADI and Project AWARE and its importance in making a difference and having the voice of the foundation heard. Highlighting the fact that without this alliance and resource its significance would not be so great and The Ocean will not return to an abundant, healthy state without us.


  • What you can do; highlighting ideas for awareness  and fundraising events giving examples of previous and successful events from around the globe. Also providing tips on how to achieve a good response from social media and customer base awareness programs.


  • Follow Project AWARE's 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planetto help PADI Professionals support and promote the good work of the Project Aware foundation in their everyday life so as it becomes second nature to spread the word of this amazing foundation including their aims, goals and achievements.


The Gili IDC Indonesia Group, which holds the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Trawangan Dive see a huge importance in helping to promote the work of the Project Aware Foundation and highlight what it has achieved over the years.

Our Platinum PADI Course Director is of course a big fan of the foundation and its work and is keen to promote and advocate its fundamental aims and objective.

Our PADI Five Star IDC Center is also a Coral Conservation Center is also keen to promote the Project AWARE brand and regularly organizes Project AWARE and other environment events. As the only PADI Career Development Center (CDC) in the entire Lombok and Gili Islands region we know full well our position of responsibility within the area of awareness delivery. In fact we run a range of programs in conjunction with our PADI Professional Programs that directly influence the environment with particular emphasis on the ocean itself.

Our PADI IDC Gili Islands course runs once a month and there are a range of additional training that can be undertaken. Our PADI IDC Indonesia Career’s Program includes programs such as the Komodo Livaboard option and our IDC Gili Islands Biorock Coral Conservation Program, which actually incorporates training on general coral preservation, regeneration and maintenance and also teaches students about the Biorock structures. During our Biorock Program participants will design, build and install their very own Biorock structure.

If you’re interested in become a true PADI Professional and have a passion for conservation and believe in the work of the Project Aware foundation than you’re on the right page. Don’t hesitate to check out the Gili Trawangan GoPro Program and contact our PADI Platinum Course Director.

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