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Chinese divers take a stand for sharks





请参与我们的网上护鲨行动:下载我们会话框的图案,合影了再发给我们的邮箱或者微博。我们要让世界知道华人也支持保护鲨鱼、绝食鱼翅!收集的照片会传到我们的 Flickr 相册,支持国际禁止鱼翅的活动 。


Sharks are amazing creatures. They have existed in the oceans for billions of years, yet in our own short lifetimes we have managed to drive them to the brink of extinction. Right now, even famous dive spots like Sabah and the Barrier Reef are at risk of shark overfishing. Divers, as the ambassadors of the ocean, should educate and spread the word about the stupidity of shark fin consumption. Please say NO to shark fin!


Participate in our online shark conservation action: Download our speech bubble design, take a photo with it, and send it back to us via email or weibo. Let the world know that Chinese are also supporting shark conservation and saying NO to shark fin! Our collected photos will be uploaded onto our Flickr album to support worldwide shark conservation campaigns.

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