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Jack's Diving Locker - Cleaning Up the Ocean


Another day on the water for the crew of Jack's Diving Locker - blue skies, warm water, 100' visibility, sharks in a lava tube, green sea turtle, but there's more.  Time to clean up the ocean, too!  100% AWARE means doing what you can to get rid of marine debris. 

As crew member Keller Laros states, "During our surface interval we came across a large heavy gage net floating outside the harbor.  Often abandoned nets become wonderful habitats for fish.  This net, however, had no fish beneath it and was not only a hazard to navigation but it could cause damage to the reef if it was allowed to wash ashore.  We grabbed the net and towed it into the harbor.  We were able to get the net to the dock but were unable to lift it out of the water as it was so large and heavy.  The friendly folks at the fish dock used their hoist to pull it up and later officers from the  Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation were able to remove the net and dispose of it properly."

"Everyday I’m reminded of how beautiful and yet fragile our ocean planet is."



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