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Cleaning Up September



On the 29th September 2012, 5 Fun Divers, 3 fellow Sunshine Instructor & I took part in Koh Tao`s monthly underwater clean up.


On the morning of the 29th we made our way to Mango Bay, the chosen site for this months Clean Up.

After a 50min Dive and a 20min Sort through and Data collecting we can say that together as a team we managed to retrieve 5kg of rubbish out of the ocean.

This clean up there were no "strangest items retrieved", thought the closest would be all the kitchen utensiles we recovered, such as spoons, forks, plates, bowls etc.

70% of the rubbish collected was made up of plastic food wrapping, while the remainder was mainly plastic bottles & fishing Line`s.

Huge thanks to all participants & thank you to PADI & Project AWARE for the fantastic new mesh clean up bags that they donated to various Dive Schools, they work a treat for collecting the rubbish in!

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