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Sunken Dreams Biorock Trip


Over the last few weeks we have been luckiy enough to have a team from Sunken Dreams here with us at Thresher Shark Divers on Malapascua. They have been busy diving over the last few days and have loved every minute. Diving with the best macro in the world and of course they also got to dive with the world famous Thresher Sharks.


During their time here they also built us a 12ft long Whale Shark and a 8ft wide Manta Ray out of rebar. They began with some consept drawings and before we knew things were starting to take shape. In wasn't just for the group our instructors, boat crew, equipment team and even our managers got their hands dirty in helping this design scibbled on a piece of paper start to take shape. It took a couple of days the fins were added the structured was strengthen and all was ready to be lowered into the ocean.

The group then when out and started to harvest coral. we thought this would be difficult as there is supposed to be a no anchouring rule here on the island, but the team had no problems finding broken bits. This is a shame as it means that some of the dive centers on the island are not sticking to the rules. The team then selected a site not far from Thresher Sharks house reef and carefully placed the coral near thhe drop zone.


The next day our instructor team carefully placed a new mooring line near the the intended site. Next came the drop. We carfully placed our whale shark and manta onto one of our boats and loaded everyone else onto another. We headed out to our site and attached a few lift bags and with a dedicated instructor and Divemaster team we placed the shark intot he water. It desended a little faster than expected but was placed exactly where we wanted it. Next job was to start the dive team attaching coral. 

While the Dive team where doing this the instructor team placed the Manta into position. On the groups second dive they attached the coral to the Manta. Fish were already using it as their new home which is fantastic news as we hadn't even finished.


A week later we returned to the site to check on the progress of the coral. Fish are loving their new homes and coral is taking a good hold to the new structure. The only down side is that someone has already stolen the mooring line. So we have another job to do.


All I have to say is a very big Thank you to the whole team and keep up the good work.

I'll have another update for you soon and hopefully some pictures will be following shortly.

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