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Another day, another mooring line.


Yet again at Thresher Shark Divers we have been busy looking for and installing new mooring bouys. We recently installed two new mooring lines on the world famous Monad Shoal, the home of the famous thresher sharks. However the other morning both out lines were nowhere to be seen. Upon our intial investigation on one line it was clear that the float had come loose or unfortunaly stolen so the line was found on the bottom and soon restored. The other one had been cut about 4m below the surface, we hope it wasn't one of the other dive centres unless it had got caught in one of the boats propellars by mistake but I would like to think that they would come and tell us. We believe it was a late night fisherman but we can't be sure. Another new piece of rope and a new float and both lines were back. We also found a great new area that would allow us to install a third line which we will only use during the busiest periods.

We got our intern programme involved in another mooring line project, this time next to our house reef on Dhakit Dhakit. This is a great little site, pefect for snorkellers, beginners and training dives. We are hoping that this line will encourage local snorkelling boats to stop using their anchors as we have some fantastic coral growth around this little island.

Even today we got news from our Divemasters that another line at one of our sites has been damaged and needs replacing. So yet again another day, another mooring line.

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