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The Current State Of The 'Blue Hole' - Dahab, Egypt


Every year the Blue Hole (one of only five in the world) draws thousands of visitors who come here to scuba dive, freedive, snorkel and swim. The location was put on the map due to its appeal to divers as it has over 92 meters depth right on shore.

These pictures clearly shows how this influx of tourists is the direct result of an appalling amount of plastic ending up in the ocean here. These photos were taken in a matter of 30 minutes and shows the current state of this unique location. Even the very expensive floating jetty (close to 100 EUR per block) which was installed to prevent tourists from walking on the coral to access the water has been broken to pieces and adds to the plastic waste on shore.

Due to a poor infrastructure, most of this plastic will remain here. The restaurants that border the Blue Hole have resorted to dumping their plastic, broken plates and even bio- waste such as dead cats in a small valley right behind this site, just out of sight of tourists.

Please share this information to help create awareness and visit the link below to help support this campaign:

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