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Aquarium Diving


There is Nothing like interacting with the creatures out in the wild. There is a thrill that we are all hooked on for sure. But I like to also suggest for anyone who maybe has never really interacted or maybe has never seen anything like a shark or a morrey eel, to concider an Aquarium dive. I recently did a dive with the folks at A-1 SCUBA in the Denver Aquarium. It was a blast. The staff was friendly and very helpful. They made the experience comfortable and easy. All the aquatic life was amazing. And the interaction with the kids and people looking in was out of this world. They look at the divers in the tank as Superheroes. They would wave, blow kisses. Give you 5 against the glass. You could see the awe and wonder in their eyes. It was Fantastic!!!!!!!!! So when you can't get out to open water or you just want a completely different and amazing Adventure: Go Dive an Aquarium and Enjoy Jeff the Diver Oo oo (:)@

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